16 March 2011

While im waiting

So, while im waiting for Trion to get the investigation i thaught i would post some random pictures from rift :)

First few are from a instance called Runic Decent. Its a really pretty pink/purple place with loads of faeries, so a girly instance. Really like the tacticks you have to use to get past a few obstacles.

The last one is one of me and my best ingame friend, Nips. We are levling up together as a mage (me) and a cleric (him), and we are having alot of fun together! we met in lotro a while ago, and have been running around together since. We even joined the same Rift guilds. Its been nice having someone there that i allready know, that i can play with and share all this new shiny stuff together with aswell.  Dont think rift would have been as much fun if i hadnt had someone there that was playing with me. <3

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