24 March 2011

First look

Tonight Third Legion went raiding together for the first time. The plan was to do two raid size rifts and the two raid dailies. We first did the big raid boss in Stillmoor. Was a ok fight. Seemed easy enough. We got him down smoothly and the quest reward gave me some shiny new leggings!

What do that tree remind you off btw?

When we got him down we went to do the first rift. Was a death one, and it was a bit of a challenge to find out what to do and where to stand. but when we did, it went really well.

Look where all the cool kids was :

finally we went for a nature rift. didnt manage to take anny pictures sadly, since we had to fight that one and some guardians that came along. Was a really nice challenge that one. It made all of us consentrate.

Picture of all of us :

We altso ran into a raid of Guardians runing around, and we easily managed to kill all of them.

Annyone have anny wishes for what you want me to post here? Annything your woundering about rift maybe?
post a comment!

23 March 2011


I found a really cool title a while ago, and wanted to share.

You have to collect 20 Squirrel tears in Freemarch to get it. And not all the squirrels drop them either. so you need to have some patience :P

on another note. is there annyone out there that want to make me a new shiny header? Leave me a comment! :)

22 March 2011


My main goal after getting to 50 was to buy the epic horsie, and tonight after some expert instance grouping i managed to get enough platiniums to buy it!

20 March 2011

Big one!

I got to 50! the final big ding!! Here the grind begins for real, and i cant wait :D

19 March 2011

Happy puppy

Last night, i got a mail from Trion, saying that i got my account back! They are all done investigating it, and they have givem me my platinium back.
I got the option on getting my character rolled back to pre-hack, but im choosing not to, since it was only some plat and a few materials missing, and i have gained allmost two levels since the hack.
Im not liking the responce time they had though. It took them two days to answer my ticket, and none of my tickets sent after the first one have been answered. Hope they are gonna imporve on that in the future.

So, last night we went for some PvP madness. BloodLust together with Iluminati and some other guilds that i sadly dont remember the names of now, went charging into guardian terretory. Our goal was Sanctum witch is there main city. It was alot of fun, and i hope its going to be repeated! Next time we should regroup and maybe plan it a bit better, but all in good time!
And here's some pictures of the Doomtrain.

We started out finally getting summoned to the guild banner in Gloamwood.

We stormed one of there cities on the way to our main goal.

The Doomtrain is on its way!

This is at the bridge headed into Sanctum. Too bad that the sky was red, but couldnt do much about that since they had a zone invation while we was there. We couldnt get anny farther though, we did try bravely! But the bridge npc's was too tough for us.

At the end we all died several times. But was worth it, was so much fun!

  At the end of our charge the SCUM army came out of hiding aswell! Too bad they was so slow, we couldnt play with them  as much we wanted to..

16 March 2011

While im waiting

So, while im waiting for Trion to get the investigation i thaught i would post some random pictures from rift :)

First few are from a instance called Runic Decent. Its a really pretty pink/purple place with loads of faeries, so a girly instance. Really like the tacticks you have to use to get past a few obstacles.

The last one is one of me and my best ingame friend, Nips. We are levling up together as a mage (me) and a cleric (him), and we are having alot of fun together! we met in lotro a while ago, and have been running around together since. We even joined the same Rift guilds. Its been nice having someone there that i allready know, that i can play with and share all this new shiny stuff together with aswell.  Dont think rift would have been as much fun if i hadnt had someone there that was playing with me. <3

15 March 2011

No fun

I think i got hacked!

i loged into the game 2 days ago and most of my platinium was gone, and some 50 stacks of cloth and hides.
Sent a GM request when i saw it, and got a answer from them late last night. Too bad it took this loong to get a answer from them, but i like the way that they are handeling it. They said that they are investigating it, so i cant play untill they are done apparently. But i have hopes!
Its just no fun knowing someone have been on  my account other than me.
I changed my passwords for the games i do play, and some others. just in case.
I hope they find something out and that i alteast get my plat back. (they said it was a option)

*crossing fingers and toes*

12 March 2011


Finally the revievs for Rift have started to show up, and im really liking what they have said. Mostly reading the Norwegian ones though, but they are all agreeing and giving the game a 5 out of 6. They are comparing it to WoW, witch i completely understand, and i have heard alot of people say that if your tierd of wow and looking for something new, just play rift and you'll fit right in.
What im liking with rift is the soul tree. You can tweak and tweak and perfect your own build as you level up to 50. When you gain a level you get points to spend in the tree, and you have 3 sould to choose from. You can altso purchase new  roles witch you can use to make a completely different build on with 2 new souls on it.

This is how mine looks atm. Im playing a level 45 Mage, and focusing on Necromancer. and i have two other builds that i can equip if i see the need for them.

Im altso liking all the rifts and invations thats happening all over Telara. And with the new patch that came we got raid size rifts aswell. They are a challenge to do sometimes, and they give nice rewards, so its worth closing down the rifts as you see them while your running around doing quests. There is altso invations that can come out of the rift that can take over a foothold (questhub). These would be smart to take out, since they do kill the npc's that you need to talk to to get new quests or complete the ones that you allready have completed.
There's alot more with the game that i like/love, but all in good time.
I can make a post and explaining my soul builds if you guys want me to, but then you need to leave me a coment and ask me to.
Hope everyone have a good weekend!

Oh, and dont forget the champion event on Laurelin tonight

8 March 2011

Watch out

All watch out for the Turtle-Train of doom!

5 March 2011

Postcards from Rift

Since the last time i bloged me and some ingame friends made a Guild named BloodLust. The name comes from the PvP aspect of the shard we are on now  (open world PvP). We have been running around causing mayhem everywhere we went, so adding some pictures :)

The first few are from a instance we went to. Its a lvl 33-ish one i think it was. was alot of fun with some carefull pulling involved.

Adding some pictures of my lovely Flame and her skeleton CaptainJack. I am running around with a 21 necro, 20 warlock an 4 dominator build atm, and loving it! im working on some other ones too, but ill see ;)

And on a funny sidenote i found Gollum in this game too! :D

3 March 2011

Instancing part two

We got to the level where we could try out the next instance in Rift a few days ago, and we went in and gave it a try, and i loved it! It was a hard one, we spent a few hours in there to figure out the way to get it all done, and it was all worth it. Its really nice to have something challenging to do again.

While questing we ran into some pretty scenery and some scary looking things.

Adding a picture of one of my favourite things with this game, the sky. It looks extreamly good, and it keeps changing over the day.

And im happy to say that i got to lvl 30 last night. So only 20 to go!