5 March 2011

Postcards from Rift

Since the last time i bloged me and some ingame friends made a Guild named BloodLust. The name comes from the PvP aspect of the shard we are on now  (open world PvP). We have been running around causing mayhem everywhere we went, so adding some pictures :)

The first few are from a instance we went to. Its a lvl 33-ish one i think it was. was alot of fun with some carefull pulling involved.

Adding some pictures of my lovely Flame and her skeleton CaptainJack. I am running around with a 21 necro, 20 warlock an 4 dominator build atm, and loving it! im working on some other ones too, but ill see ;)

And on a funny sidenote i found Gollum in this game too! :D

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