21 May 2011

I log on to lotro..

And what do i see.. Yes! its Bob the tree! With a rock next to it, with a little yellow bird sitting there. so awesome! :D
 Info about Bob the tree is here ; Clicky <--

10 May 2011

Want to join me?

Want to come join me in Rift? With the new patch they are adding we are getting the refear a friend program. just follow this link;


and sign up, and come join me for a 7-day free trial! :)

Hope to see alot of you lovely people there ^^

8 May 2011


Lately i havent been wanting to play much, So been slacking ingame, and here on the blog. Its just that there have been such nice weather and i  have had some RL stuff going on. And im leaving on wedensday and going to be away for a week-ish, so going to be slow on updating. I promice im going to get better! :) Annyways, im posting a few screenshots i didnt see where else to post. They are taken from all around Telara, and i like them :)

Hope all of you are enjoying the spring!
Annyone have anny requests on what you want me to post? Leave me a comment! :)

2 May 2011


This last week my guild (Core) have been venturing into Greenscale (GSB), witch is the big raid in Rift. We got the first boss down nicely, and we have done some nice attempts on the second one. Sadly we still have been wiping, but we made some really nice progress last night. Cant wait to see the rest of the raid. The only thing im not liking is that the first two bosses is located on the same level. You just get ported back to start, and then you have to clear yourself through the maze again.

This one is a picture of the room the raid is in before we run in and spawn the trash and the maze.  

Lining up before killing the first boss.

This is at the second boss. Avoiding bombs, blinding bombs and whisps is alot easyer said than done.