10 August 2011

The new take over

This last week we have had some troubles in the guild, some people have left us, and some have joined. It set us back a bit on Hammerknell raiding, but first we managed to clear GSB in one night, and then ROS in another with the smoothest Herald kill Temporary have ever done. A new 10-person raid came out this week as well, and we went in there and got all bosses down! Today we went into Hammerknell with a guild named Mystical Awakening who is in the same situation as us, and we one shotted Murdantix! Sadly Trion have removed the tar pits that he spawn, so it was super easy! After that we went on to try and kill Matron Zamira, but we failed, but it was a nice night all in all, and I think we got the guild up and running again! :)

Temporary is recruiting btw, check out http://temporary.enjin.com/home and leave a app if your interested! :)

1 August 2011


Hammerknell came out on Wednesday this week, but we decided to wait until today to go there and clear GSB and ROS first. We went to HK last night after one shotting Alsbeth in ROS, and we managed to kill the first boss! What seemed like a easy enough fight took a while though, but we made it in the end.
And i must say, Hammerknell looks really good! Gogo designers and all that, the place looks really huge, and the lighting and everything is just wow.