About Me

I'm a 24 year old gamer girl (yes! we do exist!) Have been playing online games for about 4 years now. Started out with Lord of the rings online and then tried some other ones and settled in Rift witch I'm in love with at the moment!
I altso play some console games, but im mainly a MMO girl at heart. 
Outside the gaming i spend time with my friends, family and little cat.  
I'm a really big fan of True blood, Game of thrones, Stargate, Dexter (on and on and on..) and i have a thing for reading really big books! :P 

Currently playing:

Limone (Horde) - WoW - Sunstrider PvP (EU)
Frea (Defiant) - Rift - Bloodiron PvP (EU)

Freja/Iselilja/Ameliah (Elyos) - Aion - Telemachus (EU)


Freah (Sith) - Star Wars: The Old Republic - Bloodworthy PvP EU
Bregventiel - Lord of the Rings online - Laurelin (EU)