24 March 2011

First look

Tonight Third Legion went raiding together for the first time. The plan was to do two raid size rifts and the two raid dailies. We first did the big raid boss in Stillmoor. Was a ok fight. Seemed easy enough. We got him down smoothly and the quest reward gave me some shiny new leggings!

What do that tree remind you off btw?

When we got him down we went to do the first rift. Was a death one, and it was a bit of a challenge to find out what to do and where to stand. but when we did, it went really well.

Look where all the cool kids was :

finally we went for a nature rift. didnt manage to take anny pictures sadly, since we had to fight that one and some guardians that came along. Was a really nice challenge that one. It made all of us consentrate.

Picture of all of us :

We altso ran into a raid of Guardians runing around, and we easily managed to kill all of them.

Annyone have anny wishes for what you want me to post here? Annything your woundering about rift maybe?
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