18 December 2011

Star Wars The Old Republic

Ever since i got the mail saying that i could start playing i've basically been playing SWTOR.
I have had some issues with Customers Support this time aswell, but i hope they can fix it asap. Stupid security answers..
On another side, i kinda like this game. The story line is awesome, and since im playing with a Warrior i get to see that too. I did as most other people and rolled a Sith Inquisitor, since the whole jedi-lightside thing werent tempting me. When i got to 10 i could chose if i wanted a dps/tank ish thing or a heal/dps thing, and i went with the heal since i want to try something new. and so far its cool! it is different from healing i have done in other games, and i have to pay attention to my Force (mana) so i dont run out, witch i can do really easily.

Two awesome cool things this game have;

Holo-dancer! the two people im lvling with got the delux vertion and got the awesome looking Holo-dancer with it. and yes im kinda jelly! xD

and the coolest named mob ever! The Nerf! I saw a wild one and this Highland Nerf. 

17 December 2011

What to do while waiting.

Head start to Star Wars: The old republic is on, and the ques are on..
On some server they are a couple of hours. so here are two things you can do while waiting!

Robot Unicorn Attack!


The Impossible Quiz


13 December 2011

Postcards from Telara

This last week have been eventful. My guild Malevolence left the game, so i joined eXile. They seem like a nice bunch, so ill see how it goes this week when SWTOR launches. I'm still not sure if im really gonna play it, i have pre ordered, but meeh, not sure :)
Raid week have been nice, i've even seen Akylios for the first time! Other than that i got Greenscale, River of souls and GP conceror!

3 December 2011


Lately i have been finding things im not liking with rift. Or gaming in general, and that annoys me!

First of all, yes i am playing on a PVP server in Rift, but that does not mean i wanna get ganked all the time.. I tried out the PVE shard, I went to Steampike for a week, and i realized it wasnt my thing, so I moved back to Bloodiron. And it was good times on the shard for a while. I could kill guardians when i wanted, but avoid getting ganked when im doing stuff aswell. Was perfect! Then.. Cyrus moved inn from Whitefall, and with them most other guardian guilds followed them to our shard..
When Ember Isle launched it was impossible for us Defiants to do anything, its still like this.. Can hardly go there to do the dailies or do the invasions without them owning my ass..
I do like to PVP, but getting zerged every day is not my idea of fun..

Secondly im sick and tierd of looking for new guilds! Malevolence died now yesterday.. All in all it have been my second favourite guild in Rift so far. First one being Temporary. The guild died because most of them are going to go play SWTOR when it launches in a few weeks now, and some had subs running out, so they just didnt renew them.. Ill miss playing with all of them though. Awesome people!
But that left me looking for yet another guild.. So far ive been in about 8 or 9 guilds with eXile that i joined today. Not sure im staying there either since i dont know if ill get a raid spot, and that is what im looking for..

Thirdly i'm bummed out over the SWTOR beta i attended last weekend. I played a few classes on bouth sides, I did like the sith side and the whole being badass and evil, but it didnt leave me wanting more, witch i was expecting.. For me it was yet another MMO, only this time with lightsabers and spaceships.. Everyone ive been talking to have been talking about how new it is, how revolutionary it is and how awesome its gonna be, but im still in the meeeeeeh about it. I'm still going to try it, since Malevolence, eXile and E Voronwe are going to go play it.. Someone gimme GW2 now? :P

Adding some pictures ive taken these last few days in Rift :)

24 November 2011


Lately things in Rift have been pretty exiting. patch 1.6 came out, and gave us a whole new area, a new dungeon and a new 10-man raid! the raid is a hard one, t3. Ember Isle is so beautifull, but havent been there much, since every time i go i get run over by guardians. Apparently Bloodiron is the new PvP shard now, Most pvp guilds moved from Whitefall and here. First thing they did when they moved here was charge Meridian with two raids. we sill wiped them though, but was alot of fun :)

15 November 2011

I'm Addicted!

100th POST!!! Cant belive ive made 100 posts on this blogg now. wow! Found this Tag going around and found it kinda funny, so im going to do it! If some of you do it, link me yours in my comments! :)

Are you addicted to social communities / social networks?

Uhm.. Yees.. Facebook, Twitter and all that. dont really have a Tumblr yet though, might set one up.

Would you rather give up TV or the Internet?

I'd give up TV. dont really watch it at all annymore. I just download the things i want to see. Heh

Do you listen to the radio -- which stations

Dont really listen to it. But i do like a Norwegian one, P3. good music and no comersials! Listen mostly to Spotify atm.

Do you read newspapers or magazines?

I do. The Norwegian ones mostly.

Do you place great importance on your cellphone?

Not really. Gief android though! :)

Do you have a notebook / tablet PC 

Got a stationary one i buildt myself though. Saving for a notebook

What are your favorite books?

God, there is so manny! Lord of the rings, a song of ice and fire (game of thrones), The Sookie Stackhouse series, The hunger games, All Dan Brown books, Twilight, Eragon series, Harry Potter series, The wheel of time, Fire, Hush Hush, The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy..

Would you rather give up books or movies

I cant choose i think! Its a hard one.. Hmm... Think i would give up Movies though. Since all the good movies are mostly based on books.

What are your favorite TV series

True blood! Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, Vampire diaries, Firefly, SG-1, SG Atlantis, Buffy, Dexter, Fringe, Lost Girl, Bones, Secret Circle..

Would you rather stay in and watch a DVD or go out to see a movie?

Go out and see one. There is something awesome about watching it on the huge screen and all the surround!

If you were starring in a movie, what genre would it be?

Fantasy! Sience fiction, that kind of thing :)

Which movie/book/TV character is most like you?

No idea..

Which celebrity would you like to meet?

Well, they are mostly like normal people. But Leonard Nimoy would be awesome!

Do you have any favorite computer or console games?

Assassins Creed, Skyrim is awesome, Lotro, Rift so on.. :)

What is your favorite music genre?

Rock, Metal, Grunge, Dubstep

Which band or singer did you love as a kid or teen?

Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Spice Girls, Motley Crue, Kiss! Yeeah.. not a normal kid.. :P

12 November 2011

2 November 2011

A little Preview

On the PST (Public Test Shard) Ember Isle have been made accessible for everyone that want to take a look.  So i ofc went there to have a little peak, and i love the place! Ember isle is the new area comming with patch 1.6. The place is huge! The environment is beatufull and its all just so pretty! Cant wait for the live shards to get Ember Isle activated so i can go questing, since im saving that for live launch.

30 October 2011


I'm mainly going to let the pictures speak for themselfs. Cause this is epic stuff. Tonight we killed Darktide!!! And after that went on to poke Akylios with a 100  meeter long stick. So now Malevolence is 10/11 in Hammerknell!

And btw.. After watching way too much Stargate for my own good, this totally looks like one!

28 October 2011

New week, New raid!

After last weeks successful raid we continued this week with killing everything up to Grug on wedensday and did up to Darktide today! Was some really nice raids, and some nice tries on Darktide! Im sure he is going down on Sunday!

Fighting Grug with purple shiny stuff!

Upstairs Hammerknell.

Fighting Inquisitor.

Dead Inquisitor!

Darktide! :O

27 October 2011

A guild?

After reading a blog post ( Link ) a friend of mine made, and talking to some friends, I have started woundering. Is there such a thing as a perfect guild?
I played Lotro for three years, and had one guild there. I got lucky, met some nice people, had alot of fun with raiding and just running around. After three years i was getting tired of Lotro though, so i moved on to Rift. Or, the plan was just to try it and then come back when new stuff came out in Lotro, but that plan changed.
I started Rift with a friend from lotro, and joined a lvling guild, The Iluminati. Had some fun there, met some new people, left and started a pvp guild called Blood Lust together with them. All that before i got to 50. After i got to 50 the guild hopping started. Joined one guild, merged with another, got kicked from the new guild, and joined Temporary. There i felt at home again, finally! we raided, had tons of fun and did most things just for lols. The leaders decided to transfer the guild to another shard though, and thats where the troubles started.. People started leaving and at the end we were just a few left.. We tried the best we could but gave up in the end, and moved shards and joined Pariah, but things there didnt work out so moved back to Bloodiron and joined Malevolence. Still there, and im liking it there, nice bunch of people, but i cant help thinking that is this the right guild for me?

What im looking for in a guild is first and foremost the social aspect. I leave the game if i don't know anyone there. Second, there is the raiding aspect, I love raiding, progressing and all that follows with that. And then comes the question, Hardcore raiding guild or social raiding guild?
Thats a really thin line in Rift at the moment. We have guilds that raid 7 days a week, but also guilds that raid 3 days a week. where do the guilds in the middle there fit in?
I prefear a social raiding guild, where you raid 3/4 days a week, for 4ish hours then have fun during the day and do things like a guild. Where everyone can log on mumble/vent/ts and just talk about random things all day. Is my expectations to big? Right now, all thats keeping me or drawing me to guilds is the possibility of doing Hammerknell.

Im hoping i find something like i found in lotro in this game aswell..

(OMG! gigant wall of text. wierd!)

Dead Grugorim! Killed inquisitor too, but forgot pictures! bring on Darktide! :D 9/11 HK

20 October 2011

Zilas, Estrode and Prime goes down.

We moved on in Hammerknell and killed the last remaining bosses untill Grugorim, Estrode, Zilas and Prime.
Estrode was a really dissapointing fight, was too easy after Molinar. It seems like they made the first bosses a bit of a challenge and then the three next ones really easy, witch is sort of a downer. We have been trying to kill Grugorim now a few times, and had a really nice try on him last night! got him to 7% and then sadly hit the enrage timer, but i think we will be able to get him down tonight! Ill post pictures of the worm when we get him down.

Dead Estrode!

Dead Zilas!

Prime. Didnt take anny dead pictures of him..

Environment in Prime/Grugorims cave looks really cool! I was dreading it after all the time in lotro spent inside a mountain, but this place looks really cool! And there is so much to look at everywhere, like dwarf heads carved into the mountain and cliffs falling down, and you need to watch were your walking, or your going to fall down!
Other than that ive been running around and looking at all the prettyness that is Rift!

Whitefall in Iron Pine Peak looks sort of like a winter wonderland when your not getting killed by pesky rogues. Think this is one of my favorite pictures!

View of Simmersand seen from Freemarch

16 October 2011

No Title

(Click to see big one :))