31 January 2011

The Watcher in the water

Last night me and some kinnies and some people from our alliance went and killed the watcher. This was my first time tanking something that big on my guard, and the first time i did it with a character who needs to be in mele, and cant slack in range. hehe.

Have made some changes to the design of the page, hope everyone likes it!

And wanna say a huge grats to Lhasbelin for getting Officer in E Voronwe (lotro) yesterday! *cheers and claps*

30 January 2011

Its true!

it appears that the myth is true! :O

27 January 2011

Line it up

As i said in the last post, i have been running around ettens alot more lately, and wanted to show what creepsies do when bored!

Postcards from the Burglar :

On a sidenote, havent had that much inspiration on what to post lately, so im asking YOU! what do you want to read about? :)

23 January 2011


Morthraang is a creep tribe on Laurelin. that me and some friends started, and we have a new shiny forum!! :D

Have been enjoying playing creep side lately, had alot of fun there. And my tribe is growing and growing, so everything is all good!
Im still running around lvling my little cutie burg too. so lotro is going on as normal.

Introducing Bregbash! son of Lugz. hehe. Still rank 5. but going for 6 so i can have a shiny new blue symbol :)

20 January 2011

Two down!

If you want to wait and explore yourself, dont keep reading.
A friend of mine found this place and showed it to me tonight, and i must say, its looking alot like a new instance of some sort comming. A bit like the new symbols that have been popping up around, but i couldnt find anny symbol of some sort on the walls annywhere here, so not completely sure.
I really like the look of this place though, it looks all big and grand sort of. From the look of it it might hold some interesting things in the future :)
Im not going to show you how to get there, or where you have to run, since its a secret that you can find for your self ;)

This one is from the instance that Lothirieth wrote about in her post a while ago, me and a friend got inside there to have a look, and im borrowing this picture from him ;)

And heres a random picture looking over at the last bridge :)

17 January 2011


Have been playing my little cutie burglar for a little while now, and today i did a instance i have never done before with a friend of mine. I really liked this new and kinda challenging instance, can imagine the fun with doing it on lvl with a full fellowship! :D

12 January 2011

Mysterious Happenings

Today we got some new mysterious rune-stones popping up at some places around Middle-Earth. It all started with a letter from a conserned hobbit that got posted on out forums.
The whole thing is about looking for these stones that appeared all over the place, and all the stones have diffrent meanings and they are a symbol or a sign for the 5 Gaunt lords. Or so we think. Xhii made a blog post about this and explaining her theories, and i have to say that im agreeing with her on those.
I think the stones are a sign about the new instances and raid cluster that Turbine are launching this year, so all our hopes are high.

I didnt remember to take a screenshot of the last stone sadly, as i got distracted. But when you complete this searching you complete a deed, witch gives you the title "Calm before the Storm", witch i kinda like.
I altso think this is a nice move from turbine, giving us these little signs, and things so we can wounder and imagine a bit on the new content thats hopefully comming soon.

7 January 2011

Adventures of the little Hobbit

Latlely i have been lvling a burglar, she is a tiny little hobbit, and i have been having alot of fun with her. Last night me and a friend went exploring around, and i took some pictures as usual.

First we went into BG. but there was tooo much dread there for me to be able to do something usefull sadly..

Then we went and said Hey to the Turtle.But sadly he was a bit grumpy..

Then i ran into a nazgul inside the Sword Halls. he didnt say much though.

Then i ran into some goblins that had built themself a little fortress on a hillside. Quite scary looking i think.

the little hobbit and a big Bear..

3 January 2011

Better late than never!

I want to wish you all lovely readers a Happy new year! Hope it brings all that you wish.
I just reinstalled my windows, and with that i seemed to have lost all my screenshots. so got none new years-ish to post for you now.
Thank you all for reading and following my blog :)