19 March 2011

Happy puppy

Last night, i got a mail from Trion, saying that i got my account back! They are all done investigating it, and they have givem me my platinium back.
I got the option on getting my character rolled back to pre-hack, but im choosing not to, since it was only some plat and a few materials missing, and i have gained allmost two levels since the hack.
Im not liking the responce time they had though. It took them two days to answer my ticket, and none of my tickets sent after the first one have been answered. Hope they are gonna imporve on that in the future.

So, last night we went for some PvP madness. BloodLust together with Iluminati and some other guilds that i sadly dont remember the names of now, went charging into guardian terretory. Our goal was Sanctum witch is there main city. It was alot of fun, and i hope its going to be repeated! Next time we should regroup and maybe plan it a bit better, but all in good time!
And here's some pictures of the Doomtrain.

We started out finally getting summoned to the guild banner in Gloamwood.

We stormed one of there cities on the way to our main goal.

The Doomtrain is on its way!

This is at the bridge headed into Sanctum. Too bad that the sky was red, but couldnt do much about that since they had a zone invation while we was there. We couldnt get anny farther though, we did try bravely! But the bridge npc's was too tough for us.

At the end we all died several times. But was worth it, was so much fun!

  At the end of our charge the SCUM army came out of hiding aswell! Too bad they was so slow, we couldnt play with them  as much we wanted to..

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