22 February 2012

I said i wouldnt..

..But i did.. I made a WoW account and tried it out. And i think i like it!
Im on the server Sunstrider EU together with some friends in a guild called Lost in Azeroth. Have a Mage called Limone :)

19 February 2012


Soo.. After playing one beta of Tera im kinda exited about it. It looks really pretty! Not going to play it too much before the launch though, since i dont want to spoil the starter zone and all that.

5 February 2012

2011 in pictures

This last year ive mostly been playing Rift, but when Star Wars came out, i started playing that, not sure if i am liking it though, might go back to Rift, since SW have alot of buggs and things.. And the customer services arent all that tbh. I am looking forward to try Tera and GW2 that's comming out soon though.
Adding some pictures from this last year :)

The doom train riding around in scarwood reach:)

Riding to charge the gates of Sanctum together with about 4 or 5 other guilds on the shard

Died there ofcourse, but had alot of fun wiping!

Got to Greenscale, and killed him!

Sheeped eachother in meridien.

Epic trash wipes had to happen

Killed Alsbeth in RoS, me dead as usual..

Made it into Hammerknell!

Progressing on Akylios around christamas times.