18 July 2011

Tombstones and snow

We had a entire raid on guardians invade Meridien the other day. Was so much fun, and so much lag! Only bad thing is that we as defiants cant get as far into Sanctum as they can get into our city..


Saw some pretty scenery while doing dailies in Iron Pine Peak.

And last, and certainly not least, i got made Community Officer for Temporary!! It was really unexpected, and i feel honored winning!

11 July 2011


I finally managed to get the two last items i need from a t2 instance! And the t3 mage chest piece on the same day. We did our first guild raid on Bloodiron today, was RoS, and we cleared everything. Was a nice raid, and we even got some new members in the guild.

10 July 2011


Temporary have changed servers! We moved from the lovely Firesand to Bloodiron, a pure PvP server. The move was mainly because there was too few people on Firesand. We had to wait for hours at times to fill a pug group, and dont even want to think about filling the raid rift group for the daily.
I was kind off against the move to start with, because it is a PvP server, and im not too fond of getting ganked while running around doing my thing, but i kind of like it, i think. It makes us group up more, so we have more to do as a guild. And now on Bloodiron we also get some competition on the PvE front aswell, with all the guilds that have transfered there.

As for the transfering, it went really smooth. Took seconds. all you had to do was empty your mailbox, make sure you dont have annything on AH, and then press the transfer button, pick a server, and just do it.

I had to change my name though, so now its Frea, not Flame annymore. Since you ofc cant have two players with the same name on the server ;)

Firesand in the afternoon on a saturday;

Bloodiron at the same time;