12 March 2011


Finally the revievs for Rift have started to show up, and im really liking what they have said. Mostly reading the Norwegian ones though, but they are all agreeing and giving the game a 5 out of 6. They are comparing it to WoW, witch i completely understand, and i have heard alot of people say that if your tierd of wow and looking for something new, just play rift and you'll fit right in.
What im liking with rift is the soul tree. You can tweak and tweak and perfect your own build as you level up to 50. When you gain a level you get points to spend in the tree, and you have 3 sould to choose from. You can altso purchase new  roles witch you can use to make a completely different build on with 2 new souls on it.

This is how mine looks atm. Im playing a level 45 Mage, and focusing on Necromancer. and i have two other builds that i can equip if i see the need for them.

Im altso liking all the rifts and invations thats happening all over Telara. And with the new patch that came we got raid size rifts aswell. They are a challenge to do sometimes, and they give nice rewards, so its worth closing down the rifts as you see them while your running around doing quests. There is altso invations that can come out of the rift that can take over a foothold (questhub). These would be smart to take out, since they do kill the npc's that you need to talk to to get new quests or complete the ones that you allready have completed.
There's alot more with the game that i like/love, but all in good time.
I can make a post and explaining my soul builds if you guys want me to, but then you need to leave me a coment and ask me to.
Hope everyone have a good weekend!

Oh, and dont forget the champion event on Laurelin tonight

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