12 December 2010

World renowned

When we got the latest patch in Lotro, there altso followed a deed where you got a horsie and a title if you got kindred with all the factions in the game. I got that one today when i finished the reputation with the Algraig. And i must say i really like the horse! its simple but still not as all the other ones. I kinda dont like the banner though, with it would move in the wind or something like the cloak we wear or something, so its not just a "dead" object on the horse.

8 December 2010

Update day!

Yesterday we finally got the first part of the november pach, with new rep horses and updates to LM's and RK's and some updates to the UI. and i like them all! :D next week the last part of the patch is comming with the Chistamas village! And i cant wait.  here is some pictures of two of the new horsies.  i need a bit more rep to get the bigest shiny one, but ill get it soon enough ;)

4 December 2010

Another one joins the club

Last night me and some friends went to Ettens as normal, And at the end of the evening a good friend of mine finally joined the Green symbol gang. Green symbol is when you are rank 9 or over. He was so close all day and we charged the creeps over and over untill he got it!
So Huuuuge grats to Anoir! About time :)

And on another happy note, my tiny minstrel got rank 4!! hihi

2 December 2010

Rift: Planes of Telara

 This weekend the closed beta trials are FINALLY starting! And i have gotten in to try it. Its starting tomorrow allready and i cant wait! Have been paying attention to this game for a little while now thanks to a good friend of mine, and really wanna get into it and see how it is.
Am not completely sure about what class i want to try out yet though. But i guess i'll find out soon enough ;)
Adding the trailer for the game. enjoy! :)