12 December 2010

World renowned

When we got the latest patch in Lotro, there altso followed a deed where you got a horsie and a title if you got kindred with all the factions in the game. I got that one today when i finished the reputation with the Algraig. And i must say i really like the horse! its simple but still not as all the other ones. I kinda dont like the banner though, with it would move in the wind or something like the cloak we wear or something, so its not just a "dead" object on the horse.

8 December 2010

Update day!

Yesterday we finally got the first part of the november pach, with new rep horses and updates to LM's and RK's and some updates to the UI. and i like them all! :D next week the last part of the patch is comming with the Chistamas village! And i cant wait.  here is some pictures of two of the new horsies.  i need a bit more rep to get the bigest shiny one, but ill get it soon enough ;)

4 December 2010

Another one joins the club

Last night me and some friends went to Ettens as normal, And at the end of the evening a good friend of mine finally joined the Green symbol gang. Green symbol is when you are rank 9 or over. He was so close all day and we charged the creeps over and over untill he got it!
So Huuuuge grats to Anoir! About time :)

And on another happy note, my tiny minstrel got rank 4!! hihi

2 December 2010

Rift: Planes of Telara

 This weekend the closed beta trials are FINALLY starting! And i have gotten in to try it. Its starting tomorrow allready and i cant wait! Have been paying attention to this game for a little while now thanks to a good friend of mine, and really wanna get into it and see how it is.
Am not completely sure about what class i want to try out yet though. But i guess i'll find out soon enough ;)
Adding the trailer for the game. enjoy! :)

30 November 2010

Little hobbit!

Recently i started playing my little cutie guardian again, and made it to 60 yesterday! *cheers*
Took a few screenies while running around that i thaough i would share. The instance one are from Dark Delvings. We failed miserably in that run, but we had some good laughs.

27 November 2010


I found a thread on the codemasters lotro forum where you can win some turbine points. All you had to do is introduce yourself. and i thaught i could share it here with you guys too :)
* Are you new to LOTRO or have you been around since the start?

I have been around since about a year after launch. And i have stayed on Laurelin all this time. I started playing with my then current bf that made me try it. and he got me hooked. and here i still am. hehe. Its my first MMO, and no matter what else i try i tend to come back to lotro over and over.

* Tell us a bit about your character, what race are they? Where are they from?

My main character is a hunter named Bregventiel. She got renamed when she was 50 though. so Breg isnt the name i came up with. But now i really like it. and its kinda become who i am ingame. She is a Elf, mainly cause im a huge lotr fan, and since i was gonna roll a hunter, it had to be a elf. (legolas and all that)
She is altso from Lorien. but i dont rp with her. so its just a place i picked from the char selection thingy when i first made her

* Are you a Freep or a Creep?

Im mainly a freep player. My hunter is a rank 9, and i have a few other characters with lower ranks. but i do enjoy playing creep side from time to time with a bunch of my friends

* What’s your favourite class?

I really enjoy playing my hunter, so my favorite one wold be hunter. Pewpew!!
I do have alot of other characters too. most of them actually. heh. but i really enjoy my rk and my lm too. im currently lvling a guard, mostly cause i tend to tank on my hunter, and people keep telling me to stop tanking, so im gonna get a char that actually is allowed to tank

* How about posting a shot of your "/played" time?

Eeeek! sure! :P
 I have fallen completely inlove with the game. On all the levels. The raiding and the instances and the lovely friends i have found. I really love to run around middle earth and poke people and just have fun.

Furry and Fluffy

Was looking through my pictures, and stumbed over some i took when i was playing on creep side a while ago. Its from a few different characters. And taken all over the place. So enjoy :)

20 November 2010


Last night, when the Lotro servers were down for some emergency fixing i some how renewed my Aion sub. and started playing with a friend of mine. I had to start all over again though, cause he had chosen a different server than i had when i started. I rolled a Asmodian on Perento.

I did  try Aion when it first launched, but never really found the wanting to lvl up to 50. So i left my Chanter at 22. But this time around i kinda have hope, since we are a few friends that are considering playing together. Not 100% sure if i will stick with it, but im having fun atm, so maaaybe ;)
The thing that lures me back to Aion from time to time is the prettyness. Its a stunning looking game. And everytime i come back its all new and shiny. 

Aion got a new patch a few months ago that braught a lvl increace and a new feature with the pets you can have that runs around with you. I got the Bottleose one and its so cute! :D
If you want to know more about Aion go to http://na.aiononline.com/

19 November 2010


Must say, that i really love the wardrobe system. My Hunter is wearing my lm's armour. And my little minstrel is looking cute in the hunter armour! :D

And give online servers!!

Night time fun

Last night we started a Watcher run. no pictures from there sadly.. But after it we started on a SG contest. We was two fellowships that went in, and the goal was who finished first. After that we somehow ended up in BG or all places. With pugs. Strangely enough it went really smooth. Thanks to Adoril for leading!:D

14 November 2010


With free to play we got 2 new factions to grind the reputation for. and i got the Grey company one done, and then you can barter to get a horsie, witch i ofcourse did. I think it looks kinda cool! :) and the default name being "Hunters Pride" makes it a bit cooler. hehe.

so now all in all i got 19 horsies. heh. And still counting. Because in the november-patch more faction horsies and meta deed horses are comming, and some of them are really cool looking!

Gonna edit this post and add a few pictures of the horsie during night time too in Endewaith, just cause i like the night lighting and the night sky really much. they did a good job on that one.

Question : how manny horses do you have? 

13 November 2010


the picture says it all <3

11 November 2010


Not gonna say where i took the pictures, or annything. Heh. But some random exploring gave some nice pictures. Dont think you can get to the places now after free to play, causse i think they fixed some things. but its nice places :)

9 November 2010

That time of the year!

ok, so its that time of the year again. Festivals! and with the festivals comes the beer-runs from the inn-league and Ale assosiation. im trying to work up the rep with bouth. without loosing from the other. so im trying to do them once a day. it takes some time, but its going to be worth it in the end :)

5 November 2010


Free to play is finally upon us after months of waiting. And with f2p comes alot of scaled instances and a scaled raid. And today my kin went into Helegrod and did some exploring, and we had alot of fun. Was three nice wings with different challenges, but we did most of them ;) 

First out was the Spider lair. Us hunters had our hands full there. hehe

Then we went to the drake wing

And last we went to kill the gigants. We didnt make the challenge there, but we do know what we need to do for the next time now. hehe. I do love the look of the sabertooths! :D