29 April 2011

Laser Show

Lately i have been doing some instancing with my guild. And i finally managed to get the Dungeon Expert acevement done! So im giving you some pictures from the last instance, Deepstrike mines. I really liked this one on expert. The last boss was kinda fun to do, and he droped some nice loot.
Was kinda strange to see laser beams everywhere in the instance though. but they made a nice challenge.

The dungeon expert achevement is the one you get when you do all the Expert instances. T1 and T2.

11 April 2011

A break is needed

After a while back and forth i have decided to definatly take a break from Lotro. I was hoping that i would want to come back to the game with the new patch, and new content and new gear to get. But now i log on and just log off again.. I just cant play lotro atm. Its a bit sad to realize, but its allways gonna be my first one, and ill go back there i think, its just nice to have a break from it all sometimes. Adding some old screenshots of a few of my characters.

Lotro, im going to miss you, but im comming back <3

First one is my Lore-Master in CD

Litte minstrel in Thorins Hall around Halloween time.

Tiny Bregventiel looking out over bree

 Good friends fishing in Ettenmoors

4 April 2011


After i hit 50 in rift, it all kinda took off. I joined a new guild, made new friends, old friends left Rift and i started grinding the gear i want. All the grinding takes place in one of the 11 instances we have to pick from, and its been alot of fun! I have even gone from a full dps speced main build to a support healing/buffing build that im loving.

Here is some pictures from a few random instances.

We have also gotten our first huge patch. They fixed alot of bugs, some classes met the nerf-bat and some got buffed. And they added the first world event, River of souls! As it looks now, its going to be alot of fun.
I hope all of you are good, and is having fun in the games your playing.

Raid size :

Lastly i want to say thank you! to Trion for giving me 30 days free game time. Whats the reason you ask? Because they was slow to answer me when i got hacked. Thanks :D <3

1 April 2011

Something is comming

Something scary this way comes..

Standing in Meridian looking up at the sky