30 October 2011


I'm mainly going to let the pictures speak for themselfs. Cause this is epic stuff. Tonight we killed Darktide!!! And after that went on to poke Akylios with a 100  meeter long stick. So now Malevolence is 10/11 in Hammerknell!

And btw.. After watching way too much Stargate for my own good, this totally looks like one!

28 October 2011

New week, New raid!

After last weeks successful raid we continued this week with killing everything up to Grug on wedensday and did up to Darktide today! Was some really nice raids, and some nice tries on Darktide! Im sure he is going down on Sunday!

Fighting Grug with purple shiny stuff!

Upstairs Hammerknell.

Fighting Inquisitor.

Dead Inquisitor!

Darktide! :O

27 October 2011

A guild?

After reading a blog post ( Link ) a friend of mine made, and talking to some friends, I have started woundering. Is there such a thing as a perfect guild?
I played Lotro for three years, and had one guild there. I got lucky, met some nice people, had alot of fun with raiding and just running around. After three years i was getting tired of Lotro though, so i moved on to Rift. Or, the plan was just to try it and then come back when new stuff came out in Lotro, but that plan changed.
I started Rift with a friend from lotro, and joined a lvling guild, The Iluminati. Had some fun there, met some new people, left and started a pvp guild called Blood Lust together with them. All that before i got to 50. After i got to 50 the guild hopping started. Joined one guild, merged with another, got kicked from the new guild, and joined Temporary. There i felt at home again, finally! we raided, had tons of fun and did most things just for lols. The leaders decided to transfer the guild to another shard though, and thats where the troubles started.. People started leaving and at the end we were just a few left.. We tried the best we could but gave up in the end, and moved shards and joined Pariah, but things there didnt work out so moved back to Bloodiron and joined Malevolence. Still there, and im liking it there, nice bunch of people, but i cant help thinking that is this the right guild for me?

What im looking for in a guild is first and foremost the social aspect. I leave the game if i don't know anyone there. Second, there is the raiding aspect, I love raiding, progressing and all that follows with that. And then comes the question, Hardcore raiding guild or social raiding guild?
Thats a really thin line in Rift at the moment. We have guilds that raid 7 days a week, but also guilds that raid 3 days a week. where do the guilds in the middle there fit in?
I prefear a social raiding guild, where you raid 3/4 days a week, for 4ish hours then have fun during the day and do things like a guild. Where everyone can log on mumble/vent/ts and just talk about random things all day. Is my expectations to big? Right now, all thats keeping me or drawing me to guilds is the possibility of doing Hammerknell.

Im hoping i find something like i found in lotro in this game aswell..

(OMG! gigant wall of text. wierd!)

Dead Grugorim! Killed inquisitor too, but forgot pictures! bring on Darktide! :D 9/11 HK

20 October 2011

Zilas, Estrode and Prime goes down.

We moved on in Hammerknell and killed the last remaining bosses untill Grugorim, Estrode, Zilas and Prime.
Estrode was a really dissapointing fight, was too easy after Molinar. It seems like they made the first bosses a bit of a challenge and then the three next ones really easy, witch is sort of a downer. We have been trying to kill Grugorim now a few times, and had a really nice try on him last night! got him to 7% and then sadly hit the enrage timer, but i think we will be able to get him down tonight! Ill post pictures of the worm when we get him down.

Dead Estrode!

Dead Zilas!

Prime. Didnt take anny dead pictures of him..

Environment in Prime/Grugorims cave looks really cool! I was dreading it after all the time in lotro spent inside a mountain, but this place looks really cool! And there is so much to look at everywhere, like dwarf heads carved into the mountain and cliffs falling down, and you need to watch were your walking, or your going to fall down!
Other than that ive been running around and looking at all the prettyness that is Rift!

Whitefall in Iron Pine Peak looks sort of like a winter wonderland when your not getting killed by pesky rogues. Think this is one of my favorite pictures!

View of Simmersand seen from Freemarch

16 October 2011

No Title

(Click to see big one :))

14 October 2011

Further In

Lately in Rift have been alot of back and forth. It started with me and some friends leaving our guild and moved on to a new shard and joined a guild there. Some issues appeared so it ended with all of us moving back to Bloodiron and joining Malevolence there. We had our first raid last night and second one today and cleared sooo much more than we did back in Temporary.
Murdantix, Matron, Sicaron and Rune king Molinar died nicely. Going back on Sunday for some more bosses.
A new event started too this week, and finally!! a Fire one! :D its the pre-event for the new big patch comming soon. With a new area and two new lvls. Cant wait!

Matron with her babies

Sicaron being all big and scary.

One of the coolest things in rift is the details in things like roofs. This is the roof in Estrodes room.