20 November 2010


Last night, when the Lotro servers were down for some emergency fixing i some how renewed my Aion sub. and started playing with a friend of mine. I had to start all over again though, cause he had chosen a different server than i had when i started. I rolled a Asmodian on Perento.

I did  try Aion when it first launched, but never really found the wanting to lvl up to 50. So i left my Chanter at 22. But this time around i kinda have hope, since we are a few friends that are considering playing together. Not 100% sure if i will stick with it, but im having fun atm, so maaaybe ;)
The thing that lures me back to Aion from time to time is the prettyness. Its a stunning looking game. And everytime i come back its all new and shiny. 

Aion got a new patch a few months ago that braught a lvl increace and a new feature with the pets you can have that runs around with you. I got the Bottleose one and its so cute! :D
If you want to know more about Aion go to http://na.aiononline.com/


  1. Heheh I think I rolled an Asmodian on Perento last time I subbed into Aion :D. I only played for a week or so before I started to hate the game again, I hope you'll have a better experience!

  2. hehe. i tend to do the same sadly :P got a few chars atm xD but im hoping! cause lotro is getting kinda boring for some reason, and not sure if i want to lvl my 5th 65. might do though xD

  3. I never really got so much as bored of Aion. Every time I payed a sub for it I just started to play lotro to much again after a week or two and then I didn't log in in Aion anymore :( Good luck with reaching level 55 hun!! :D

  4. Aaahw. thanks Tingi! :D not sure if ill make it though ;) i tend to go back to my dear lotro ;)