1 November 2010

im baack!

ok, i have been slacking on posting.. so sorry! just havent found something to write about. but have gathered some new screenies now! :)
 I have lately been playing on a trial server called Nimloth. and i rolled a Hobbit hunter. and she is so cute! While i have been there i have been exploring the new content that we are gonna get now, when Lord of the Rings Online goes online. so some spoilers might come now. so beware ;)

It all started with the tavern, that turned out to be a nice place to be :)

We started with thorog and the balrog comming for a little visit in Bree.

Then we went creeping with +Dnote.
Abit after that, +Dnote was in the giving mood, and he actually gave us the BG armour set.

And then i decided to explore the new book thats comming. but i acedentaly broke one of the instances. So i had to make a GM come help me. hehe

the day after +Dnote was in a killing mode.. so he sent a army of trolls and uruks to kill us. and they braught a little friend.

 Then when it was all quiet again, i went exploring in the haunted barrow.

So, Question, Are you looking forward to the new content?

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