3 November 2010

Last day on Nimloth part 2

Ok, so after we got done in ettens we did some running arond. The gm's had some fun and sent a army of trolls to attack Bree, and they braught some friends. The evening ended in ettens, where the freeps got a free taxi to grams camp and the creeps got a taxi to GV. it was a nice evening and a awesome end to a nice week there on Nimloth. I really hope codies wil do something like this again :)

 First off to bree and the trolls. The trolls braught thorog and the Luitenant to try and kill us, but we showed them that us free people arent that easily slayed.

Then a bit later in bree we had some Balrogs and more that came and said hey to us. I think they just wanted to try out Satines pies.

After all that fun, we took the trip to ettenmoors and ended the evening. Sadly Faya forgot her fireworks, but she made it up for us big time, with visits from thorog, the Luitenant, The lord of shaddow and flame and more.

(Yes this is the Rank 15 Captain-general cloak, since my little  hobbit hunter got rank 15;) )

I just want to give a big Thankyou to all the players that was there with me that night. we had alot of fun and laughs.

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