2 November 2010

Last day on Nimloth part 1

So the last day on Nimloth came here sadly. have had alot of fun with the lovely people there, and hope ill get to meet you again sometime. maybe even back on Nimloth. 
On this last day out dear GM's went all out for us, and entertained us for hours. It all started with a event in Ettenmoors, witch i leaded a raid on. We even had mister +Dnote there to help us out against the creeps that had there own GM helping them out. 

We started gathering at Tol lawn, and headed onwards to Lugazag.
 When we got there we found alot of creeps there to defend it, so +Dnote braught his army to give us a little help :)

 Suddenly we heard some rumours about a Balrog trying to take Tol, so we rushed there to save the keep.

 And when we was all done yours truly got her 5 seconds of fame :)


  1. I missed out on the testing. It looked like heaps of fun. Nice screenshots, thanks for sharing. :)

  2. thanks:) more incomming though, was just so manny that i had to split them up :)

  3. *hugs Fuin* Nice to see that you found your way in here too miss! *cuddles* x