27 November 2010


I found a thread on the codemasters lotro forum where you can win some turbine points. All you had to do is introduce yourself. and i thaught i could share it here with you guys too :)
* Are you new to LOTRO or have you been around since the start?

I have been around since about a year after launch. And i have stayed on Laurelin all this time. I started playing with my then current bf that made me try it. and he got me hooked. and here i still am. hehe. Its my first MMO, and no matter what else i try i tend to come back to lotro over and over.

* Tell us a bit about your character, what race are they? Where are they from?

My main character is a hunter named Bregventiel. She got renamed when she was 50 though. so Breg isnt the name i came up with. But now i really like it. and its kinda become who i am ingame. She is a Elf, mainly cause im a huge lotr fan, and since i was gonna roll a hunter, it had to be a elf. (legolas and all that)
She is altso from Lorien. but i dont rp with her. so its just a place i picked from the char selection thingy when i first made her

* Are you a Freep or a Creep?

Im mainly a freep player. My hunter is a rank 9, and i have a few other characters with lower ranks. but i do enjoy playing creep side from time to time with a bunch of my friends

* What’s your favourite class?

I really enjoy playing my hunter, so my favorite one wold be hunter. Pewpew!!
I do have alot of other characters too. most of them actually. heh. but i really enjoy my rk and my lm too. im currently lvling a guard, mostly cause i tend to tank on my hunter, and people keep telling me to stop tanking, so im gonna get a char that actually is allowed to tank

* How about posting a shot of your "/played" time?

Eeeek! sure! :P
 I have fallen completely inlove with the game. On all the levels. The raiding and the instances and the lovely friends i have found. I really love to run around middle earth and poke people and just have fun.

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