20 October 2011

Zilas, Estrode and Prime goes down.

We moved on in Hammerknell and killed the last remaining bosses untill Grugorim, Estrode, Zilas and Prime.
Estrode was a really dissapointing fight, was too easy after Molinar. It seems like they made the first bosses a bit of a challenge and then the three next ones really easy, witch is sort of a downer. We have been trying to kill Grugorim now a few times, and had a really nice try on him last night! got him to 7% and then sadly hit the enrage timer, but i think we will be able to get him down tonight! Ill post pictures of the worm when we get him down.

Dead Estrode!

Dead Zilas!

Prime. Didnt take anny dead pictures of him..

Environment in Prime/Grugorims cave looks really cool! I was dreading it after all the time in lotro spent inside a mountain, but this place looks really cool! And there is so much to look at everywhere, like dwarf heads carved into the mountain and cliffs falling down, and you need to watch were your walking, or your going to fall down!
Other than that ive been running around and looking at all the prettyness that is Rift!

Whitefall in Iron Pine Peak looks sort of like a winter wonderland when your not getting killed by pesky rogues. Think this is one of my favorite pictures!

View of Simmersand seen from Freemarch

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