27 October 2011

A guild?

After reading a blog post ( Link ) a friend of mine made, and talking to some friends, I have started woundering. Is there such a thing as a perfect guild?
I played Lotro for three years, and had one guild there. I got lucky, met some nice people, had alot of fun with raiding and just running around. After three years i was getting tired of Lotro though, so i moved on to Rift. Or, the plan was just to try it and then come back when new stuff came out in Lotro, but that plan changed.
I started Rift with a friend from lotro, and joined a lvling guild, The Iluminati. Had some fun there, met some new people, left and started a pvp guild called Blood Lust together with them. All that before i got to 50. After i got to 50 the guild hopping started. Joined one guild, merged with another, got kicked from the new guild, and joined Temporary. There i felt at home again, finally! we raided, had tons of fun and did most things just for lols. The leaders decided to transfer the guild to another shard though, and thats where the troubles started.. People started leaving and at the end we were just a few left.. We tried the best we could but gave up in the end, and moved shards and joined Pariah, but things there didnt work out so moved back to Bloodiron and joined Malevolence. Still there, and im liking it there, nice bunch of people, but i cant help thinking that is this the right guild for me?

What im looking for in a guild is first and foremost the social aspect. I leave the game if i don't know anyone there. Second, there is the raiding aspect, I love raiding, progressing and all that follows with that. And then comes the question, Hardcore raiding guild or social raiding guild?
Thats a really thin line in Rift at the moment. We have guilds that raid 7 days a week, but also guilds that raid 3 days a week. where do the guilds in the middle there fit in?
I prefear a social raiding guild, where you raid 3/4 days a week, for 4ish hours then have fun during the day and do things like a guild. Where everyone can log on mumble/vent/ts and just talk about random things all day. Is my expectations to big? Right now, all thats keeping me or drawing me to guilds is the possibility of doing Hammerknell.

Im hoping i find something like i found in lotro in this game aswell..

(OMG! gigant wall of text. wierd!)

Dead Grugorim! Killed inquisitor too, but forgot pictures! bring on Darktide! :D 9/11 HK

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