18 December 2011

Star Wars The Old Republic

Ever since i got the mail saying that i could start playing i've basically been playing SWTOR.
I have had some issues with Customers Support this time aswell, but i hope they can fix it asap. Stupid security answers..
On another side, i kinda like this game. The story line is awesome, and since im playing with a Warrior i get to see that too. I did as most other people and rolled a Sith Inquisitor, since the whole jedi-lightside thing werent tempting me. When i got to 10 i could chose if i wanted a dps/tank ish thing or a heal/dps thing, and i went with the heal since i want to try something new. and so far its cool! it is different from healing i have done in other games, and i have to pay attention to my Force (mana) so i dont run out, witch i can do really easily.

Two awesome cool things this game have;

Holo-dancer! the two people im lvling with got the delux vertion and got the awesome looking Holo-dancer with it. and yes im kinda jelly! xD

and the coolest named mob ever! The Nerf! I saw a wild one and this Highland Nerf. 


  1. You not posted the best pic yet !!!

  2. Free E-fame for me!