3 December 2011


Lately i have been finding things im not liking with rift. Or gaming in general, and that annoys me!

First of all, yes i am playing on a PVP server in Rift, but that does not mean i wanna get ganked all the time.. I tried out the PVE shard, I went to Steampike for a week, and i realized it wasnt my thing, so I moved back to Bloodiron. And it was good times on the shard for a while. I could kill guardians when i wanted, but avoid getting ganked when im doing stuff aswell. Was perfect! Then.. Cyrus moved inn from Whitefall, and with them most other guardian guilds followed them to our shard..
When Ember Isle launched it was impossible for us Defiants to do anything, its still like this.. Can hardly go there to do the dailies or do the invasions without them owning my ass..
I do like to PVP, but getting zerged every day is not my idea of fun..

Secondly im sick and tierd of looking for new guilds! Malevolence died now yesterday.. All in all it have been my second favourite guild in Rift so far. First one being Temporary. The guild died because most of them are going to go play SWTOR when it launches in a few weeks now, and some had subs running out, so they just didnt renew them.. Ill miss playing with all of them though. Awesome people!
But that left me looking for yet another guild.. So far ive been in about 8 or 9 guilds with eXile that i joined today. Not sure im staying there either since i dont know if ill get a raid spot, and that is what im looking for..

Thirdly i'm bummed out over the SWTOR beta i attended last weekend. I played a few classes on bouth sides, I did like the sith side and the whole being badass and evil, but it didnt leave me wanting more, witch i was expecting.. For me it was yet another MMO, only this time with lightsabers and spaceships.. Everyone ive been talking to have been talking about how new it is, how revolutionary it is and how awesome its gonna be, but im still in the meeeeeeh about it. I'm still going to try it, since Malevolence, eXile and E Voronwe are going to go play it.. Someone gimme GW2 now? :P

Adding some pictures ive taken these last few days in Rift :)

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