28 June 2011

All Clear

In the last few days our guild have cleared River of souls again. Tonight Alsbeth died for the second time, and droped a shiny relic dagger. Was a nice fight, you had to pay attention to alot of things at once, but in the end she died. She was the final raid boss to die, and that needed to die before Hammerknell comes out.

First we had to kill Herald, witch i hadnt killed before either, was a interesting fight, kinda annoying at times with all the moving though..

25 June 2011

Guilded Prophecy

Last night I finally went into GP. Was about time, since the instance/raid have been out for a while. It is a 10-man raid, so its half of what the normal raids in Rift are. It was kinda short, but had some fun bosses, so i liked it in there. We altso got some of the new plaques, so the t3 armour is on its way.
I really liked the whole look of the Raid. Its located in Simmersand, witch is a desert landscape place, and its just like that inside aswell. with palm-trees and desert-style mobs and bosses.

This is the sky, its full of all these cool patterns all over.

The first boss was mostly tank and spank. Not much we had to do other than dont stand close when we had the bubbles on us.

Second one is my favourite. People called it the "Simon Says" boss, and its really understandible. We had to jump and run all over the place while trying to kill him, and a add suitibly called Friend.

Third one was ok, we had to collect alot of crystals in phaces that gave us buffs, and then we had some glowy beams telling us to come to the pilar.

Last boss was kinda tricky, and we spent a while doing it, but we got him down in the end.

24 June 2011

Burn Baby Burn

Today the 1,3 patch hit Europe, one day after the silly Americans.. It seems nice, some bugs, and the guild bank isnt there.. But other than that its good. They changed my beloved chloro alot, but i havent been trying it out yet, but the NecroLoc build is kinda cool. We altso went for a raid rift, and got shard first on that one, same with the rewards, so was nice :P And the last boss there looked cool, I want one!

15 June 2011

River of Souls

Last night my guild went into River of Souls. The raid that is the step up from Greenscale. We had allready killed the first boss, so we went straight for the second one, that I dont remember the name of (if you know, post a comment?) We sucessfully killed him after a few tries, and then went on to have a few goes at the third one. He is still alive, but we made some progress.

Going away for a week, so I'll see you all when I come back home. And then its time for the new 1.3 patch!

9 June 2011

Cupcake Bombs

Tonight Temporary went to GSB yet again and killed our way through it. We hit some bumps along the way though.. Temporary is one of the top raiding guilds on my server, and tonight we proved that nothing lasts forever, like Califax keeps saying ;)

Wipe on first boss..

 While we actually killed him!

 We wiped again.. No boss this time, but on trash. Yes i know.. Blame the clerics!

Wiped on third.. And after, she turned into a wolf! think someone said something she didnt like..

And then.. Greenscale himself! Atleast we got him down in the end! 

8 June 2011


I must say, that running around in Moonshade Highlands is a pretty sight. Its one of my favourite areas in Rift. The green hills and the hidden ruins of Hammerknell under the water. Cant wait to see what they have done with Hammerknell raid!

4 June 2011


Look who i ran into the other day in Rift! Mister Rift-fails-come-back-to lotro! :D

You know Anoir, i knew you couldnt stay away <3
And yes, this totally decerved its own post!

Come join me in Rift?


My Mage

Lately I have gotten some questions about what kind of builds i use and things like that, so i thaught i might as well post them here for people to see :) Posting the pictures since im too lazy to do everything into the Zam soul calculator.

First of all i have two Chloromancer builds.

This one is my favourite to use in groups, since the buffs you get from the Archon tree is really nice to have, and as a bonus I NEVER run out of mana.
Second Chloromancer build is the Chloroloc build. Put together by Warlock and Chloromancer for when im raiding and we allready have a Archon (witch is most of the time).

The last two I have is two DPS builds, one for soloing and one for grouping. Not that i go dps much, but its allways nice to have.

The Necromancer/Warlock build is so nice for lvling up and doing things solo. You let your pet tank the mobs, and you steal the mob's health.
Last one is my newest one. The highest DPS build i think. And one that most other mages i know uses. But who can blame them, Zaping things is fun! Just look at Lotro and the Rune-Keeper ;)

Stormcaller / Elementalist ;

2 June 2011

Down he goes!

Last night was eventfull. I got kicked from my guild ( CORE  ) and i joined a new one Temporary. And with them i went into GSB and cleared it all. something i havent done before, since i only have killed the first boss. And i must say, it was so much fun! It made me really like raiding again, so im happy i joined :)
After we killed Greenscale we went into the next raid with is River of souls. We killed a mini-boss and the first one. Not sure if i like the look of that place though, its all dark and stuff, but the fights and the mobs and stuff seemed nice enough.
Just posting the achevements from last night since i didnt remeber to take anny pictures unfortunatly... but they are comming!

The next pictures are from the River of souls. I remembered to take some!