4 June 2011

My Mage

Lately I have gotten some questions about what kind of builds i use and things like that, so i thaught i might as well post them here for people to see :) Posting the pictures since im too lazy to do everything into the Zam soul calculator.

First of all i have two Chloromancer builds.

This one is my favourite to use in groups, since the buffs you get from the Archon tree is really nice to have, and as a bonus I NEVER run out of mana.
Second Chloromancer build is the Chloroloc build. Put together by Warlock and Chloromancer for when im raiding and we allready have a Archon (witch is most of the time).

The last two I have is two DPS builds, one for soloing and one for grouping. Not that i go dps much, but its allways nice to have.

The Necromancer/Warlock build is so nice for lvling up and doing things solo. You let your pet tank the mobs, and you steal the mob's health.
Last one is my newest one. The highest DPS build i think. And one that most other mages i know uses. But who can blame them, Zaping things is fun! Just look at Lotro and the Rune-Keeper ;)

Stormcaller / Elementalist ;

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