25 June 2011

Guilded Prophecy

Last night I finally went into GP. Was about time, since the instance/raid have been out for a while. It is a 10-man raid, so its half of what the normal raids in Rift are. It was kinda short, but had some fun bosses, so i liked it in there. We altso got some of the new plaques, so the t3 armour is on its way.
I really liked the whole look of the Raid. Its located in Simmersand, witch is a desert landscape place, and its just like that inside aswell. with palm-trees and desert-style mobs and bosses.

This is the sky, its full of all these cool patterns all over.

The first boss was mostly tank and spank. Not much we had to do other than dont stand close when we had the bubbles on us.

Second one is my favourite. People called it the "Simon Says" boss, and its really understandible. We had to jump and run all over the place while trying to kill him, and a add suitibly called Friend.

Third one was ok, we had to collect alot of crystals in phaces that gave us buffs, and then we had some glowy beams telling us to come to the pilar.

Last boss was kinda tricky, and we spent a while doing it, but we got him down in the end.

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