2 June 2011

Down he goes!

Last night was eventfull. I got kicked from my guild ( CORE  ) and i joined a new one Temporary. And with them i went into GSB and cleared it all. something i havent done before, since i only have killed the first boss. And i must say, it was so much fun! It made me really like raiding again, so im happy i joined :)
After we killed Greenscale we went into the next raid with is River of souls. We killed a mini-boss and the first one. Not sure if i like the look of that place though, its all dark and stuff, but the fights and the mobs and stuff seemed nice enough.
Just posting the achevements from last night since i didnt remeber to take anny pictures unfortunatly... but they are comming!

The next pictures are from the River of souls. I remembered to take some!

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