14 October 2011

Further In

Lately in Rift have been alot of back and forth. It started with me and some friends leaving our guild and moved on to a new shard and joined a guild there. Some issues appeared so it ended with all of us moving back to Bloodiron and joining Malevolence there. We had our first raid last night and second one today and cleared sooo much more than we did back in Temporary.
Murdantix, Matron, Sicaron and Rune king Molinar died nicely. Going back on Sunday for some more bosses.
A new event started too this week, and finally!! a Fire one! :D its the pre-event for the new big patch comming soon. With a new area and two new lvls. Cant wait!

Matron with her babies

Sicaron being all big and scary.

One of the coolest things in rift is the details in things like roofs. This is the roof in Estrodes room.