31 January 2011

The Watcher in the water

Last night me and some kinnies and some people from our alliance went and killed the watcher. This was my first time tanking something that big on my guard, and the first time i did it with a character who needs to be in mele, and cant slack in range. hehe.

Have made some changes to the design of the page, hope everyone likes it!

And wanna say a huge grats to Lhasbelin for getting Officer in E Voronwe (lotro) yesterday! *cheers and claps*


  1. Hehe it's a whole new world, tanking the Watcher! Those yellow teeth will haunt your sleep...

    Nice new layout, looks very fresh! And thanks for the congratulations ^^.

  2. yes! was strange seeing that side of him.. he looked kinda mean and slimy!

  3. I'd like to see that side of him one day! Though given my highest lvl tank is lvl35, I may never see it. :P

    Well done on the tanking, was a fun run. :)