12 January 2011

Mysterious Happenings

Today we got some new mysterious rune-stones popping up at some places around Middle-Earth. It all started with a letter from a conserned hobbit that got posted on out forums.
The whole thing is about looking for these stones that appeared all over the place, and all the stones have diffrent meanings and they are a symbol or a sign for the 5 Gaunt lords. Or so we think. Xhii made a blog post about this and explaining her theories, and i have to say that im agreeing with her on those.
I think the stones are a sign about the new instances and raid cluster that Turbine are launching this year, so all our hopes are high.

I didnt remember to take a screenshot of the last stone sadly, as i got distracted. But when you complete this searching you complete a deed, witch gives you the title "Calm before the Storm", witch i kinda like.
I altso think this is a nice move from turbine, giving us these little signs, and things so we can wounder and imagine a bit on the new content thats hopefully comming soon.


  1. Heya! I havent come across these yet, been too busy catching up on my epic books hehe. Hope you are all good!! x

  2. They arent hard to find tbh. either have a look at the codies forums or go exploring yourself ;) siny title ftw! :D