20 January 2011

Two down!

If you want to wait and explore yourself, dont keep reading.
A friend of mine found this place and showed it to me tonight, and i must say, its looking alot like a new instance of some sort comming. A bit like the new symbols that have been popping up around, but i couldnt find anny symbol of some sort on the walls annywhere here, so not completely sure.
I really like the look of this place though, it looks all big and grand sort of. From the look of it it might hold some interesting things in the future :)
Im not going to show you how to get there, or where you have to run, since its a secret that you can find for your self ;)

This one is from the instance that Lothirieth wrote about in her post a while ago, me and a friend got inside there to have a look, and im borrowing this picture from him ;)

And heres a random picture looking over at the last bridge :)

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