4 April 2011


After i hit 50 in rift, it all kinda took off. I joined a new guild, made new friends, old friends left Rift and i started grinding the gear i want. All the grinding takes place in one of the 11 instances we have to pick from, and its been alot of fun! I have even gone from a full dps speced main build to a support healing/buffing build that im loving.

Here is some pictures from a few random instances.

We have also gotten our first huge patch. They fixed alot of bugs, some classes met the nerf-bat and some got buffed. And they added the first world event, River of souls! As it looks now, its going to be alot of fun.
I hope all of you are good, and is having fun in the games your playing.

Raid size :

Lastly i want to say thank you! to Trion for giving me 30 days free game time. Whats the reason you ask? Because they was slow to answer me when i got hacked. Thanks :D <3

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