9 February 2011

Hunter getting buffed?

Yesterday we got a new Dev diary from the lotro gang, and its all about the hunter, and new changes thats comming.

                                                           Bow Master trait line (Red):
 This trait line is all about Strength Stance (SS) witch i hardly use annymore. The stance is all about the DPS and threat and have a high power consumation. What they are going to do with it is change the damage bonus, threat and power consumation on it, witch i think is a good ting. And they are going to change Heartseeker (HS) from a useless skill to a kinda usefull one. They are lowering the cooldown and induction it have (witch is about time!), and they are lowering the damage it gives, witch is altso good since they are trying to make HS more user friendly.They are changing some of the traits too, witch im gonna copy-paste. And i think its looking good. I know im gonna try traiting all reds for once and see if it is anny good.
  • Shot Through the Heart: The critical hit bonus has been removed. Instead, the trait will make Heart Seeker remove the Barbed Arrow bleed on a foe and deal additional damage (like Scourging Blow).
  • Swift and True: Adds additional damage to the 3rd attack of Improved Swift Bow.
  • Deadly Precision: Moved to Huntsman line, in favor of Fast Draw.
  • Fast Draw: Added to Bow Master Line.
  • Cool Burn: Burn Hot now reduces bow skill Power cost by 80% for the duration. Cooldown reduced to 2 minutes. Damage bonus is now +20%, bringing the total damage to +40%.
  • Quality of Mercy: Renamed to Swift Mercy. Each usage of Swift Bow reduces the focus cost of the next Merciful Shot by 1, can stack up to 6 times.
  • Barbed Fury: No longer increases the duration of Barbed Arrow. Instead, increases the damage of each pulse.
 I think that these are good changes, it gives the use of SS some more, and maybe even its going to be good to use in raids and in groups compared to only solo.

                                                                   Huntsman (Blue):
 This is the one im mostly using right now, im allways 4 blue 3 reds no matter what i do. And im liking it, since its the Presision Stance (PS) and we now have the +dmg on our mele weapons that give us a good dmg boost when using it. 
What they are doing to this trait line is changing Fleet stance (FS) and trying to make it usefull, since most hunters i know think that this is the most awfull skill they could have given us. Its explained as:
Fleet Stance: Renamed to Fleetness. No longer a stance, now a 15 second buff. Costs 6 Focus. Removes Focus loss on movement and reduces miss chance while moving by 60%. Increases move speed by 10%. Power cost increased.
I must say, its looking better. I like that they removed it as a stance, since i dont know 1 hunter that uses it, and gave it too us as a buff instead. I think more of us are gonna try it out and actually use it now compared to before.
They are altso changing strength of the earth. That is the skill that gives us huge amounts of power back while in combat. but right now it have a long induction if you arent huntsman traited.  Now they are removing the induction for all trait lines (yay!) and power return is a bit bigger but it only lasts for 5 seconds. witch is good i guess, the skill have been kinda overpowered. but ill miss having a full power pool after completely empting it. hehe. The traits they are changing is:
  • Improved Fleet Stance: Renamed to Improved Fleetness. Adds -15% Bow Inductions. Increases duration to 30 seconds. Increases move speed to 10%.
  • Fast Draw: Moved to the Bow Master line, in favor of Deadly Precision.
  • Deadly Precision: Added to the Huntsman line
  • Bow and Blade: Repurposed into Barbed Hindrance and added to the Trapper of Foes line. All Hunters now have a secondary strike on all melee skills.
  • Deep Concentration: Added to the Hunstman line
  • Rapid Recovery: Reduces Dazing Blow cooldown by 10 seconds, reduces all other melee skills cooldowns by 2 seconds.

                                                     Trapper of Foes (Yellow):
This is the line that most hunter never use, but I think that it have a nice consept. This one is all about CC and while it gives us nice CC poibilities it takes away our damage. What they are doing to this one is reducing the damage penalty from 25% to 15%, witch is a good improvement, would like to see it completely removed or down to 5 or 10%, but this is a step in the right direction. One more of the big changes is the cure poison skill. Now its single target and you have to face the person your removing it from to remove it, wich is a bit annoying since in a huge raid you dont allways see the people and you have to keep turning and turning. With the update they are chaning it so we dont have to turn around, and if you trait 4 yellows it gives you a posibility to cure your whole fellowship. and im so happy about this! Im not happy about needing to trait 4 yellows to make it happen, but its a improvement. I have loong been wanting a fellowship posibility on the skill, and i wish that they would make it a normal trait or just make it a permanent fellowship thing, but its a improvement, and who knows if they are gonna do it in the future. they are altso changing Distraction shot, and with traiting we are going to be able to chain stun a target, and i like it.
  • Deep Concentration: Moved to the Hunstman line, in favor of Bow and Blade. Do note, that Bow and Blade is being repurposed, as listed below.
  • Bow and Blade: Added to the Trapper, and renamed Barbed Hindrance. Increases the slow effect on Barbed Arrow from 10% to 40%. Remember that only the highest slow effect on a target takes effect.
  • Explosive Arrow: Cooldown now reduced by -150 seconds, which makes Distracting Shot a 30sec cooldown for a 30sec daze.
one of the best changes is this though:
  • New Tier 5 and 6 recipes added for Wind-rider and Whisper-draw books
    • Wind-rider tier 5 and 6 do not increase Power % reduction further. They instead add +Max Power.
    • Whisper-draw tier 5 and 6 increase threat reduction and grant +Max Morale.

     Im really liking these chages, and it's giving us some new posibilities when it comes to retraiting. I know im going to go more often to the bard when they come atleast. One of my hopes is that they are going to give the guardians some upgrades. Because im getting tierd of stealing the aggro from them when im not trying. Wish that they could do something about it. Im really liking the upgrade to Penetrating Shot, we can shoot it while mooving now, so in ettens i can pew the creepsies while running away. hahahaha
    This was my view and opinions about it, and its a huge wall of only text, but i hope you like it!

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