23 April 2010

Wanted to start out with introducing you to my lovely characters in the world of Lord of the Rings.

My main is Bregventiel, or Breg as most people call her.She is a hunter by class.
Has a thing for hunting down smelly wargies.
She was born and raised in Rivendell, and has two adopted children, Elsael and Baradrion

She is often seen wandering around Ettenmoors looking for another smelly foe to kill.

This is my recent love, Ilyria. A rune-keeper.
She is the little sister of Bregventiel.
She has just started to explore the world that her sister has, and recently her quest led her into the mines of Moria.

This is Aryjana.
She is a woman, with roots in Rohan.
She is a Lore-master, so she is quite powefull when you see her on a good day. She loves animals, and have quite manny followers.

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